Monday 10 January 2011

Just a quick OOTD!

My Outfit Of The Day
 Hello world!
My lovely subbies& blog followers are often asking me to do more blog posts featuring my Outfit of the day.
I don't always have time free to pose in front of the camera& post it here, plus, sometimes I really have nothing much to show you as I go out wearing the first thing I grab while getting ready- as long as it keeps me warm in the winter months- it'll do!
But, today I felt as I've put together a cute little outfit so I thought I might share ;)

Underneath the leather jacket I'm wearing my denim shirt.

I <3 the ruffles on the shoulders!
Still trendy! ;)
Let me list the items (these might not be available anymore in the stores, but you might find something similar!):
- Grey leather jacket: Stradivarius
- Faux fur collar: H&M
- Denim shirt with ruffles: H&M
- T-shirt: Bershka
- Black Jeggings: H&M
- Boots: ooops! I can't remember!! But it must be one of those no-name brands.

I already have a video on this OOTD up on my MissFashionKitty channel, so you can check it out here:

Do you like this look?
What are you wearing today?


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  1. are looking soooo pretty you know i have shifted my pls be with me there too and follow me here.


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