Tuesday 25 January 2011

OOTD: Charleston Style Dress, Black Blazer, Leather Look Leggings, High Heels...

Hello there!
Here I am with a quick OOTD post.
This is the outfit that I was wearing in my latest video : "Shopping In My Wardrobe& Precious Vintage Gifts".
You can check out my video here:
As the video title says, here I'm showing you things that I recently "rediscovered" in my old wardrobe in Croatia& that I decided to bring them along with me in Italy& wear them again!
I'm also showing you some precious vintage gifts from my granny& my youtube friend, Sammy (sammydavisvintage).

So, don't miss on my video, I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it :)

As far as my fashion styling, this is what I was wearing:

Elegant black (shiny material) blazer is by Jennifer fashion store.
Black bow belt is by H&M

The pale pink Charleston style inspired dress is by H&M,
I got it a while ago on a sale for only 3€

Leather look leggings: Pimkie
Jewellery: INA market& other chinese stores.
You can't see it on the pics, but for the footwear I was wearing a pair of simple, black, ankle high boots with high heels by estrada' brand (made in Italy).
I believe this is such a cute outfit for the special occasions& going out at night.
What do you guys think?

Stay dressy ;)

xx, Sonja

1 comment:

  1. I love charlton style dresses. I have a black one from Zara ..This combination is a great idea actually need to get leggings like that! xoxo


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