Monday 10 January 2011

Review: Bare Minerals Get Started Kit

Hello my sweet girls!
My new video, that I filmed while I was on my vacations in the mountains, is a beauty related topic and it's a review of Bare Minerals Get Started Kit.
While I was up there in the mountais, I really didn't feel like wearing lots of make up, I wanted to stay as natural as possible, just with a clean& fresh face :)
I did bring with me tons of make up (as usual, lol!!), lots of eye shadows& stuff, but on a daily basis, I ended up using only my Bare Minerals products.
And no eye shadow, no mascara what-so-ever!!
Now, this is really a strange thing for me to do, because I usually always wear at least mascara& a lip gloss!
Due to the fact that I was so happy with nothing but Bare Minerals on my face, I decided to dedicate to this kit a proper review!
I'm not new to this mineral make up, because I actually had the same kit two years ago& I finished it off completely!! (Well, except for the "Warmth" but it's actually quite impossible to finish this product as it's so dark& pigmented& a little goes a looong way on my pale skin complexion!)
A review on Bare Minerals was actually one of my first videos on my eipysgudps youtube channel!
But, as those were my vlogger/blogger beginnings, I wasn't as fluent in english to do a proper, quality review on the product (at least in my opinion) and the video ended up being quite funny actually :D
That's why I just took it down& now, as I've repurchased the kit& I'm wearing it again frequently, I've decided to give you guys my proper& thorough review on all the products in the kit.

You can see my review here:

And, here are the pics of the products:

Bare Minerals
Get Started Kit

The kit contains:
- A sample size of Prime Time Primer by Bare Minerals
- 2 shades of foundation (in my case, Medium& Medium Beige)
- Mineral Veil (Finishing Powder)
- Warmth (All Over Face Colour)
- Summer Bisque (Multi- tasking Concealer)
I also got a free gift with my purchase: "Glee" All Over Face Colour

This kit also contains all the brushes you'll need for a perfect application of your Bare Minerals:
-Full Flawless Face Brush
- Flawless Application Face Brush
- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

And these are the brushes that came with my old kit:
- Kabuki brush (maximum coverage)
- Flawless Application Face Brush
- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

My free gift with Bare Minerals Get Started kit purchase:
- Glee (All Over Face Colour)
Here is a swatch on my hand.

These are the products!
As you can see, there are plenty of the products in this kit! :)
Both times, I purchased the Get Started kit at my local Sephora.
I believe it retails at 65 euros, but on both occasions I had a discount, 20% off.
(Sephora tends to regularly send you this discount coupons& codes, if you're owner of the Sephora Black card& collect points with your purchases).
So I believe I paid a price of cca 45 euros& I believe, for all this products, this is a really good deal!

I'm truly liking the products.
I find that I love using my Bare Minerals when I want to go for a more natural look& also when I feel my face is getting oily& shiny& when I'm in "that time of the month" when I might develop a breakouts!
Using Bare Minerals helps me to keep my face "under control"& shine free!
Mineral Veil really does a good job of preventing the shiny zones on my face, I apply it once& I don't even feel a need to reaply it during the day!
Also, I love the "Summer Bisque" concealer: For covering any redness, spots ( I feel it even helps to dry them out!)& even for under my eyes, where surprisingly, I don't feel it drying, but actually rather creamy when I apply it!
I feel that all this products basically adjust to your skin needs!
The brushes are also very good quality, I've had the brushes from my first kit for years now, I have washed them so many times I can't even count& they're still in the perfect condition.
At the beginning, there were some minor shedding, but after a few usages, it stopped completely :)

A fabulous kit& I believe I'm going to keep repurchasing it :)
Definitely, a thumbs up!
I recommend !

If you have any questions about this kit, feel free to ask me!
I'm glad to help.

Stay naturally beautiful xx

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  1. Hi Sonja! I guess I missed this! LOL Just now seeing it but did see your video review! I tried BE YEARS ago, but back then, I did not like it - because I was having problems with Rosacea..and my skin was dry/reactive and these streaked on me, made me itch/irritated my eyes. So, I gave them to my SIL, who has oily skin and she loved them. I got another kit to try again, before Christmas, now that my skin is under control but I have not tried them YET. I also got Bisque and Summer Bisque...
    I HAVE tried the Laura Mercier mineral makeup and love love love it. I like it MUCH better, as it really makes my skin feel good/look good and it says it helps your skin. I also tried thier Tinted Moisturizer and HATED it - there is an ingredient that smells so obnoxious to me, that I could NEVER wear that on my face. I could not get that smell out of my nose for a day!! I washed my hand, that I put it on, THREE times and could still lightly smell that smell. But, I do LOVE the mineral powder makeup. Sorry to get off the BE track, but just wanted to throw that out there for anyone who cannot decide.


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