Thursday 6 January 2011

The Beginning of 2011. In The Italian Hills

Hello girls!
I know, I know, you're probably wondering where have I dissapeared...
Some of you know that I was away for the holidays, I spent a couple of days in the italian hills with my hubby :)
We also celebrated the New Year's Eve there with our friends.
I was without the internet connection, but I haven't forgotten about you guys so I spent some of my time free filming& editing videos.
I already uploaded a vlog that I made a few days ago& you can now see it on my MissTrendyKitty channel:

How was your New Year's Eve?
I hope everybody had fun& I wish you all the best in the New year!
I hope it brings us joy& happiness :)

I will include a few pics from my trip here in this post!
I really had lots of fun& enjoyed my stay in the hills. I wish I could have stayed for a few more days, but tomorrow I have to be back at work, so we had to return today.
I spent the entire afternoon unpacking& thinking about my little vacations :)

The rustic nearby houses.

We had an amazing view of the two lakes.

My hubby& I
We also went for a walk in the nature, but we didn't go for a long walks as I really suffer the cold very, very much!
I love being in the nature& hiking, but I'll have to wait to do that until the warmer months!
No matter how well dressed I am and how many layers of clothes do I have on, I always shiver& feel like I'm going to freeze myself to death!
Do you have any tips of how to feel less cold? (Except for the good, old, boiled red wine recipe- it works, but I'm not much of a drinker though!)

Here are some pics from when we went for a walk at the top of a hill (as you can see, there was still snow there!)

I loved this little walk!
It was fun playing with the snow :)

OOTD: Must haves are certainly the gloves, warm scarf, hat& my warm Uggs!

Ready to go to the car& escape this cold yet? ;)
Also, every afternoon we had some "serious" work to do in order to keep the fire going& keep our little house nice& warm...we had to chop the wood!!!
Here are some pics ;)

The chainsaw & the baskets are ready!
Let's get to work!
Is this going to be enough to keep us warm for the whole day?
C'mon hubby, chop some more!
I don't want to be cold this evening! :)
My hubby at work.
I'm not on the pics, but don't think I wasn't helping!!
We were working as a team on this :)

So, that's that girls, my little post& vlog, I hope you enjoyed :)
I really did start this year on a positive note& I truly hope it'll be a happy year!!

Stay warm& happy :)


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  1. Hi Sonja..hmm, tips on how to stay warm? Well, I will think of some - keep a thermos of hot chocolate at all times by you, to sip on. Rub deep heating rub all over, extra strength (joking LOL), termal undergarments, and you know those heating pads you can wear for cramps or backache, that attach to you from the drugstore (no plugging in)...wear that too. Well, anyway, if nothing else, it can make you laugh. LOL Do they make battery operated heat dryers to blow on you? Stay warm>I will think of more! LOL


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