Wednesday 19 January 2011

Sexy Anna Kournikova Inspired Make Up Tutorial& The Complete Fashion Styling

Recently I got a very interesting request: To recreate a look of my favourite celebrity.
Now, some of you, who follow my videos for a longer time, will probably know that I'm not really into all this celebrity world& I really couldn't be less bothered to know what is a certain so called "celebrity" doing in her life. I find this such a huge waste of my time!
Now, having said that, I'll admit that I have one celebrity that I honestly like& the only one I'm interested in, when it comes to reading articles about her in the magazines or on the internet.
I'm talking about the lovely tennis star, Anna Kournikova.
She's beautiful, I love her long blonde hair, but most of all, I admire the fact that she's actually doing something constructive with the fame& the position she's acheived in her life.
She does a lot of charity work, especially concerning children, and basically that's what I admire the most about her.
Also, I believe she doesn't take things for granted (like most celebrities do), having grown up in the time of Soviet Union, she worked hard playing tennis since she was a kid, and she earned all the things she has now.
These are my reasons for liking her and choosing to recreate her style& make up in my video.
I hope I managed to recreate her style accurately :)
I wish to say that by no means do I believe I look like her (in the past I did Rihanna "Only Girl In The World" inspired make up tutorial and Blake Lively "Gossip Girl- Serena Van Der Woodsen" inspired look, and never I claimed : "OMG I'm their look-a-like!! lol).
Besides the length of the hair& the date of the birth (actually I'm 2 days older than Anna!!) I don't think we have much in common.
lol :D

So, in the first part of my video I'm doing a make up tutorial, it's actually a very fun& simple, even every day appropriate make up look.
Here are the products that I used on my face:
I used only the second (from the left) colour from this quad.
I put it all over my eyelid.

Products I needed for my eye make up!

Products I used on my face& lips!
Eye make up:

  1. Cargo One Base Foundation& Concealer In One
  2. Maybelline Eye Studio Coral Drama # 20
  3. Manhattan Magic Duo Eyeshadow # 82 D/89 T Green Intense
  4. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils in Bourbon
  5. Essence Sun Club 100% Splash- proof eyeliner pen # 01 Ultra Black
  6. Kiko Luxurious Lashes Maxi Brush Mascara
  7. Hourglass Superficial Lash in Carbon

  1. Nars Orgasm Blush

  1. MAC lip pencil in Dervish
  2. MAC lipglass in Enchantress
I painted my nails with Layla Ceramic effect nail polish in # 12.

This nail polish is sort of a dupe for a famous Chanel's Paradoxal,
Anna's favourite nail polish of the moment!
To be able to recreate her look as accurately as possible, I went to her website& searched for her favourites in terms of make up.
Luckily I have some of the products that are on her faves list, so I used them today to create this look.
These products are: Nars Orgasm Blush, MAC lip pencil in Dervish and MAC lipglass in Enchantress :)

This is the completed make up look:

Anna Kournikova inspired make up look.
The list of brushes that I used:
  • Dior Blush brush
  • Avon eyeshadow brush
  • Kiko eyes 200
  • Sephora professionnel smudge #19
  • Make Up Forever professional 14S
And now onto fashion styling!!!

I was inspired by this event: CharityToy Drive and Holiday Party in Chicago, December 13th, 2008. (I found the pics on the web).

Anna is rocking this grey leather jacket!

I love this styling!
Pay the attention to the turtle necklace-
 I have a very similar one!

I decided to recreate this particular styling because I have a really similar clothes, so I knew mine was going to be a successful interpretation of her style :)

Anna K. inspired fashion styling.

This is the look I would definitely want to wear,
 for a night out& special occasions
Did I manage to pull off this look well?
Idk where did she get her clothes, but I can tell you where did I get mine (Mine is a much more budget friendly version, I believe!)
  • Grey leather jaket: Stradivarius
  • LBD (little black dress): UCB (United Colors Of Benetton)
  • Grey boots: HoyVoy
  • Black tights: Sanpellegrino (basically, a pair of a simple black tights you can find, well, anywhere!)
  • My turtle necklace is from one italian accessories store called "Vanity".
Here is a better pic of her turtle necklace (SO CUTE!!)

Lovely Anna :)

This necklace is so cute& sparkly!
And here is my turtle necklace (very similar to hers!!!)

My turtle necklace is from a jewellery store called "Vanity".
  I believe this completes the entire styling!
As far as a hairstyle goes, most of the time she wears her long hair in a pony tail or just loose with some natural vawes to it (I guess she doesn't abuse her hair straightener!!lol)

Did you like this look?
Would you like me to do other celebrity inspired looks?
If so, which ones?
I'd like to do a Sienna Miller inspired look, she isn't on my faves list, but hands down, I love her fashion sense!
I'd love to try to recreate it!
So any suggestion/ request from you is very much welcome! :)

As usual, you can see my complete video tutorial on Anna inspired make up& fashion styling here:

xoxo, Sonja


  1. Hi Sonja! You did a FANTASTIC job of recreating Anna K.'s look!!!! To be truly honest with you, I liked YOUR Benetton dress and Turtle necklace and jacket and boots, MUCH better than hers. I really did. I would choose yours. However, the similarities between your outfit and hers, are sto striking. You did an amazing job of recreating her look!!! Your hair is like hers too and you look similar to her! Her makeup here looks really peachy/goldeny to this brozer I just got called Tantalizer by Lorac. But, gosh you too look so much alike in features/hair...great job!

  2. @DonnaM Thanx so much Donna? You REALLY liked my outfit better?? wow!! You're not just saying that I guess, because I know that you're very honest with me& when you dislike something, you say so! :)
    I'm glad I managed to "copy" her well, that was the purpose of this video tutorial lol
    Many kisses
    xx Sonja

  3. @DonnaM I meant thanx so much Donna! (exclamation point!) lol
    I'm typing here on my comp but it's late& I'm tired I should go to beddd!!! Nighty night :D xx

  4. LOL that is so know I am honest with you!!
    On the Nars, I LOVE the Sheer Glow foundation. I cannot find may foundations that I really like anymore, so was thrilled that I can wear this one well - the colors are a bit hard to match for me..I mix two. I also love "Deep Throat" blush and I love thier eyeshadows - I have an anniversary pallet that I use alot. I have not worn thier nail polishes. I did get a cream blush once, but hated the color. LOL I also wasn't real crazy over the feel of a lipstick I got. Can't remember but sees like it felt a bit tacky/sticky. I have used a gloss and the Multiple sticks - those are nice. I will look up Angelika!xxoo

  5. Sonja, od svih do sad fashion outfita, ovaj mi se najvise IKAD dopao!!!!
    Jako mi se svidja, i totalno si pulled it off hehehe...Ovako te zamisljam otprilike da je neki tvoj stil kakav izaberes za vecernje izlaske.
    Super je i bas full post ;)) Sta vise od svih tvojih dosad postova ovaj mi je najbolji!!! xoxo
    Puno pusa

  6. @Glam and Glitter
    Bas mi je drago da ti se svidja ovaj outfit! :)
    Dosta sam se potrudila oko ovoga blog posta, drago mi je da se trud vidi :)


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