Friday 7 January 2011

Winter Fashion Haul: Warm Clothes, Trendy Boots& Cute Accessories!

This is a blog post to go with my latest fashion haul video (that you are able to see if you click on this link):

I just haven't had time to update my blog (because of my recent trips), but I did take the pics of all the items that I showed you in my video& I was just waiting to catch a bit of time to post them here! :)
This way, you'll be able to see a bit better, up-close, how these items look like!
Let me start from the accessories!
My must haves for winter: gloves& hats :)

A pair of green mittens by h&m.
I love this green colour!

Two trendy hats by Oviesse.
(Bought at Caritas shop)
 Moving on to some sparkly accessories ;)

Earrings, a flower ring covered in rhinestones, a vintage bracelet!

This bracelet was a gift.
It's silver& pearls :)
I absolutely love it!

Sparkly earrings are perfect for special occasions.
These are lightweight& they were very inexpensive (less than 3 euros!)

Sparkly cocktail flower ring covered in rhinestones.

It looks really nice with silver nail polish!
All together, very trendy! :)
Of course, I bought some clothes as well!
I was in a search for warm clothes appropriate for the winter season, but still trendy& inexpensive.
What do you think, was my mission successful?

This top is so cute!
I love the cheetah print detail.

I found this top at a big basket full of last- piece clothing items
& the price was only 4.90 euros!

Cropped sweater by h&m.

This season's very trendy Nordic print.

Oversized sweater by h&m.
Good price: 14.95 euros

I love this cardigan!
I <3 the print& the colours.

It ties in a cute bows with a black ribbons on the side.

I couldn't resist buying this long, light grey, knitted cardigan.

Fur pompones at the sides give this clothing item a little extra chic.
I finished off this haul with two pairs of boots :)

These fur boots have become my favourites!
I enjoy wearing them!

A nice pair of over the knee high boots.
The heel isn't high, so they're extremely comfy!

I love the metal studs& two belts.
They make a really cute detail on these boots!
And that's it! Of course, I'd like to say that I haven't bought all these items in one day!
It's just something that I've collected during the past few months!
Plus, you all now by now, that I'm a huge bargain shopper, so I haven't even spend that much on this items& that makes me feel even better &makes me like these things even more! ;)
Now I'm really ready for the cold winter, with all these cute, warm& trendy clothes!

Have you done your shopping for the winter yet?
What was the key item you were looking to buy this season?

I'll talk to you soon!


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  1. I very much loved all of these tops/sweaters (esp. the Nordic one), boots and jewelry! They are all lovely! You style them so well!! Sonja, I believe you could style a potato sack, you are so gifted. LOL xxoo


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