Friday 28 January 2011

Winter Sales Madness! OMG What Did I Buy??

Hello my dear shopaholics! ;)
The sales are currently ongoing& it's one of my favourite periods to renew my wardrobe!
I'm always on a look for affordable prices& good deals!
Even though, I must say, I always avoid shopping on the first day of the sales (Lots of crowd freaks me out lol- takes away all the fun out of the shopping!)
Plus, by the end of the sales period, the prices are bound to go even further down, so one can find a real steals!!
I always like to see the situation like this:
It's me, the customer, who is in the advantage here, when it comes to sales.
The fashion store needs me to buy the clothes, more than I need to buy the clothes!
And why is that?
Well, because the season is comming to an end and it is in the fashion store's best interest to sell all the "old collection" because the new is about to arrive, plus for them, the storage costs more than actually selling their clothes at 70% or even 80% off!
So, by buying the clothes on sales, I'm actually doing them a favour, they need to get rid of those items!
It's just the way it works.
I know about retail ;)
So my dear readers, listen to these words of "wisdom" and try not be caught by the sales fever!
You can get some big advantage out of the period of sales, if you just keep calm& your head clear :)

I did buy a few things that I found are just too cute to miss, so I thought I might share my haul with you ;)
So here it comes, all in pics:

A ultra trendy pom pom hat!
Mine is in dark blue colour.
Fashion store "Imaty", 8 €
Silver& Black bracelet.

Fashion store "Imaty"
5 €.

I <3 this bracelet, it's rocker/chic/edgy!
Brown boots.
This model is very trendy this season!

Boots brand: Top 'Or
Fashion store "Imaty"
19 €
Sweatpants by Zara TRF
9.99 €

The cutest sweatshirt by Zara TRF
9.99 €
Pay attention at the back detail ;)
Colourful scarf by H&M (Young girl dept.)
3.75 €
A top with bows& black lace details on the edges.
Fashion store: "Pull& Bear"
2.99 €
Intimissimi top (from Intimissimi Outlet)
3 €
Intimissimi is a very famous brand in Italy.
For my US readers: I was told you can find intimissimi corners in the VS stores!

Simple grey T-shirt
3 €
by: Tzenis (bought at Intimissimi& Tzenis Outlet)

AC/DC T-shirt!
I <3333 it!!!!
3.75 € at H&M (Young Boy dept. Mine is size 10-12 years)

I love the AC/DC logo covered in sparkly metal studs!
Anyways, this is my haul, these are the things I bought recently!

I hope you guys like it!

What did you buy on this year winter sales?
Just let me know in the comments section, I'd like to know! :)

You can see my fashion haul video here:

Also, don't miss on entering a small giveaway that I'm announcing in this video& holding here on my blog!
More info in my next blog post :)

xoxo, Sonja


  1. I love the boots...a nice take on a vintage design...I'm inspired to go check out some shops tomorrow afternoon...

  2. @Roanna: I'm glad to hear that!
    Do let me know what did you buy!
    Hope you'll find something cute& that you'll write about it in your next blog post :)
    xx Sonja

  3. I love that bracelet so much!!!!


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