Thursday 27 January 2011

My Current Favourites (January, 2011.)

Hello my lovely girls!
I used to do my monthly favourites videos, but a while ago I stopped, just because I didn't have new favourites every single month. Basically, the products that I loved so much in, let's say, January, I continued loving in February: I didn't have new favourites to show you every single month.
But, as I noticed, my monthly favourites videos have always acheived lots of views,so I supposed these are the types of videos you enjoy watching on my channel. So I promissed you I would occasionaly do these videos, called "The products that I'm Loving Right Now", or, "My Current Favourites"- basically, whenever I feel I have some exciting new stuff that I absolutely love, that I want to show/share with you.

So these here are the products that I'm absolutely LOVING right now! :)

Balea hand lotion (Balea is a brand exclusive to dm drugstores)
Balea Body butter Mango
I love the scent& a thick consistency of this cream: It's very nourishing,
perfect for the cold winter days. It mantains the skin of your body soft&
I just recently discovered this make up remover by
Bioderma& I highly recommend it, even for the most sensitive skin!
Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Sensitive Skin Micelle Solution)

OMG these are my favourite face care products ever!!!
Sisley Paris: Very expensive, but worth every cent!
Really does a miracle for my skin.

Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel
(hydrating, toning& firming mask)
Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask
(reduces fine lines and puffiness)
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Lip Scrub.

I love this lip scrub!
It smells so nice& it takes good care of my lips!

Kerastase Elixir KUltime
Versatile Beautifying Oil
All hair types

Essence sun club 100% splash proof eyeliner pen (01 ultra black)
Avon Super shock gel eyeliner/ eye-liner gel (black)

Bare Minerals
Get Started kit
Here they are, my absolut favourites that I've been using on a daily basis lately.
I highly recommend these products.
I will also do a more thorough review on some of these products& some of these I've already talked about (Bare Minerals e.g.)
All these products are so good that they deserve a separate& thorough review, but if you have any favourites from these, that you'd like to know more about first, just leave me a comment& I'll try to film a review on that product first! :)

As always, you can check out my "Current Favourites" video on youtube, by clicking on the link bellow:

Have a nice day!
xx Sonja

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  1. I always enjoy these videos so much! Hauls, fav products, tips, ect. Thank you Sonja!


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