Wednesday 9 February 2011

Affordable Shopping Recommendation:

Hello girls!

Just as I've said in my video,
(click here to check it out: ),
 I was contacted by the "Born Pretty" company a few months ago.
They approached me with an e-mail telling me how they like my youtube channel& my blog and they asked me if I'd be willing to try out some of the products that they sell on their website, and, if I like them, possibly do a review on them.
I'm always honest with my viewers/ readers when it comes to these things, so I'll just start off by saying that YES I was sent these products for free, but however this is my honest opinion about the products& I'm NOT sponsored by the company to write about them in a positive way.
I wouldn't even be doing this review, if I didn't actually trully enjoy these products! 
Having said that, let me start with the actual review...

I was sent 8 different shades of loose eyeshadows/pigments, 2 gel eyeliners& a small make up brush kit.

Here are the pics of the pigments:

8 different shades of loose eyeshadows/pigments

The first row :)
I'm absolutely loving the hot pink& the gold!!!


The second row :)
My favourite here is the second from the left, the gun metal
shade (which also comes off as a dark brown, purple or deep green,
depending on how the light hits it: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

These pigments do not come by a name, they only come by a number.
I can say (and you can see that from the swatches), they're extremely pigmented, the colours are vivid& intense.
If you use an eyeshadow primer before applying these, they'll stay on your eyelids for all day long, without creasing or fading.
The containers are way smaller than, for example, MUA (Make Up Academy) loose eyeshadows, or MAC pigments, but, these are all very pigmented& you have to use them with light hand, so I don't see myself consuming them any time soon!

I took a close up pics of each single pigment:

Pearly white
# 10

Hot pink
# 23

"Old" gold
# 13

Shimmery green
# 31

Light blue
# 24

Gun metal
# 74

Intense blue
# 35

# 44
They also sent me two eye-liner gels: The shimmery white & the black.
Both of these come with a retractable brush/applicator.
I love black the most, it's very good colour pay off, creamy but stays on for a long time, without fading away.

The eye-liner gels in their black packagings.

They both come with a retractable brushes/applicators.

Black is # 02.
Shimmery white is # 01.

And last, but not least, I got a small brush kit.
The confection (the brush kit holder) is SO CUTE: silver, with butterflies& flowers print.
Let's have a look at it:

Small& very handy when travelling, or to just carry
it around in your purse.
Inside, you'll get 7 make up brushes.
They're obviously not the professional make up brushes that you'd take when doing make up on your clients,
but they're perfectly fine for everyday use, or for travellings (because they're so handy, they don't occupy a lot of space), as a basic make up brushes to have/use.
I'm actually very impressed with the quality.
When it comes to this small make up brush kits, I usually expect low quality& a lot of annoying shedding, weird synthetic fibres that don't even apply the make up properly...
With this kit, I was pleasantly surprised: They don't shed whatsoever& they're actually very pleasant to the touch.
The small blush brush is soft& I find it perfect for contouring, or applying the highlight on the upper part of my cheekbones.

Inside you'll also find: 
  • a concealer brush/you can use it as an eyeshadow brush too
  • an angled brush
  • two lipstick brushes
  • a sponge tip applicator
  • an eyebrow/eyelash comb
Inside of the kit you'll find
seven basic make up brushes.
I also have only the positive things to say about their customer service: They were very pleasant& I felt they were really at my service :)
"Please", "Thank you" and "You're welcome", are the words they often use, and we all know how, it's rare these days, to find a company who is actually "human" and pays attention to their customers!

About the shipping:

I was expecting it to pass way more time than it did!
I actually got the package in less than 2 weeks(& it was travelling from abroad).
I live in Italy& the postal service here is not so great, sometimes I have to wait MONTHS to get a package if it's comming from the outside EU& often the customs will make me pay the italian tax, even on the things that were sent to me as a gift!
This time, however, everything went smoothly :)
I didn't have to pay any additional fee, the package arrived in no-time& everything arrived in the perfect condition, nothing was damaged nor broken, because from "Born Pretty" they made sure to wrap everything up well :)

They also gave me a few coupon codes to share with my viewers/readers
(I'm not getting paid to give you these codes, guys!!!)
If you wish to shop at "Born Pretty" store, they're offering you a 10% discount on your purchase, just use the code:  SONJAK31
This code will be valid until the 31st. March, 2011.
Also, they have a giveaway currently going on their site, and anyone of my visitors can use the coupon code: BP299 to get a free Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate

I hope you will take the advantage of some of these offers! ;)
Did I mention, they're extremely affordable, so this is one of the reasons I was even more eager to share this review with you!
On their website, you'll find tons of make up goodies& also very vast selection of nail art products.
The kit that I got, you'll find it here:

I think this completes my review! :)
definitely worth checking them out :)

If you have any additional questions, you can leave it to me as a comment under this blog post, or just contact the "Born Pretty" store directly through their website.

I'm glad I was able to share this review with you& I hope you found it interesting& helpful!

Stay pretty ;)
xoxo Sonja

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  1. Sonja, these are such beautiful colors! I just hate loose anything - mineral powder, loose powder, loose eyeshadow powder. I prefer compact, as it's less trouble. But, I do love them!xx


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