Monday 14 February 2011

Hair Update: Highlights& Lowlights In My Hair& Mini Hair Care Haul

Hello girls!

The ones of you who never miss my "hair updates" vids& posts, will know by now that I'm not exactly a natural blonde hehe ;) BUT my hair isn't that dark either...
If you look at my eyebrows, you'll notice that they're actually quite light &I never ever coloured them.
So I'm naturally more towards the blonde than towards the dark hair colour...
I've been colouring my hair blonde since the days when I was living in London (2004./'05.)
When I returned back from London, I did have a phase where I coloured my hair darker, but it didn't last for a long time, because just after one month, or even less, I started adding highlight to my hair again.
When I went darker, I felt as if "somebody has turned the light off..." I swear, I can't explain you this feeling better than with these exact words! :)
I guess I just feel my best when I'm blonde!
However I don't like to be too blonde, so every once in a while, I'll ask my hairdresser to add some lowlights to my hair.
I usually go to do my colour every two months& honestly, I'm not one of those people who get really upset at a first sight of a regrowth& darker roots showing.
I never coloured my entire hair blonde, I just always do highlights, so I'm kind of used to always having to deal with my darker roots (sometimes I'll add lowlights too, just like I've said, when I'm feeling that I'm becomming too blonde, sometimes I'll do a colour to my roots after having done the highlights- in this case, they leave the colour on my roots for 5 min. or less, just to lift up the colour& make it appear more uniform with the highlights).
Personally, I prefer having both highlights& lowlights in my hair, I think it looks better, more natural& I actually like the contrast of the two colours creating a play of light in my hair :)

So recently I paid a visit to my hairdresser and here is what my thoughts were after returning home:

I also did a reconstructive treatment by Redken:

Redken Classic P.P.T."S-77" Protein Treatment - 33.8oz

This highly concentrated professional only fomula fortifies damaged hair. Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers amino acids, proteins and ceramides to help repair damaged hair. Porosity is reduced; Cuticle protection is added. Can be blended with other Redken concentrates to create custom formulas. 

And, I did a mini haul, I bought just a few hair care products that I really needed!

Me enjoying my haircare haul ;)

I ran out of the shampoo& conditioner; I usually prefer to buy Kerastase products just because they REALLY make a difference to my hair!
Plus, they're highly concentrated so they do last a long time, much longer than a regular drugstore brands.

This time, I bought:
  • Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin Dosage Gluco- Active 2 (Complete nutrition shampoo for dry, sensitised hair)
  • Kerastase Nutritive Fondant Nutri- Thermique (Thermo- reactive intensive nutrition conditioner for very dry and sensitised hair)
  • Revlon Professional Volumizing Conditioner Equave 2 phase (With grape and green tea) for fine/weak hair
(I really needed a good detangler, and this one by Revlon is my must- have!!!)

I hope you enjoyed my little haircare chit-chat, if you have any hair/haircare related questions, feel free to post it to me under this post, on comments section :)

What is the colour of YOUR hair?
How long is your hair?

I'll talk to you soon,
xoxo Sonja

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