Monday 28 February 2011

New Trendy Watches From

Hello girls!

I was contacted by a company called Budgetgadgets recently :)
They asked me to take a look at their website& choose something, if there is anything I really like, to review on my blog/ youtube channel.
Honestly, they have quite an impressive selection of gadgets& I was a bit overwhelmed!
I didn't know what to choose, it was a hard decision! :)
Anyways, I liked the watch section the most, so I've picked out two watches that are very trendy& I believe they'll go great with the new clothing items that I bought recently on the winter sales! ;)
The customer service was awesome, they were very polite& sweet& very quick at shipping!
The watches arrived to Italy in a perfect condition :)
The next day, I wore one of the watches at work& I got many compliments on it!
I've asked my colleagues to tell me the truth, whether they really liked the watches, because I needed to hear an honest opinion due to the fact that I was preparing my review!
I really like these watches, I picked them out, but it was very important to know what do others think about them!!!
They honestly loved them (I wore the other watch at work too, during the week, I was changing my watch, depending on my outfit lol every day a different watch!)& they even asked me to give them a website that sells these as they fell in love (especially in the white one, this was the winner!)

This is the watch that won over all
my work colleagues!

A little object of desire: A ultra trendy
watch by Caite.
Colorful Flag Stamp Style watch
These watches are super affordable, this one costs only 5.59$
Here is the link in case you want to check it out:

Here is another watch that I picked out:

I'm loving this bright red watch!

This is supposed to be a men's model, but
personally, it looks more girly to me!
(probably because of the colour)
I like the fact that it's so big, as men's watches
usually are!
You can find this exact watch here:
Price: only 5.48$

In my watch collection, I do have some higher quality, more expensive watches, but for every day, for work, or just for fun, I like to have a less expensive watches too :)

You can see here my watch collection:

Overall, I'm very pleased with the watches from :)

Awesome price, good quality, a fun watches
to have!
Check out the Budgetgadgets website for these watches& more gadgets:

YES, there is a coupon code for 5% off !!!

Coupon code: Eipysgudps
(Valid forever)

So if you're interested in purchasing anything from their website, now you can use this code to have a little advantage of 5% off (& remember, the prices are already very low as it is!)

I also want to make clear that I'm not making any profit out of your purchase, this code is just a little "gift" to my readers/viewers, there isn't any profit in it for me, whatsoever! :)

At the end, I'd like to say Thank You to for this opportunity to review your products on my blog/ youtube channel.
I'm very grateful for having received these watches as a gift from you& it was my pleasure reviewing them!

Stay trendy,

xoxo Sonja

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