Tuesday 1 February 2011

TIGHTS! A very fashionable Fall& Winter season MUST- HAVE!!

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I'd like to touch one interesting fashion topic, as my blog title says, I'm going to be talking about tights as a must have for Fall& Winter season.
Tights are not only the essential item we should all have in our wardrobes, but they're also very trendy, especially the lace tights, or tights with different patterns, like flowers, or stripes.

They can dress up& complete your entire outfit& transform your appearance.
Also they're the important key when layering in a cold fall and winter months.

What every closet should hold...lots of pairs of basic tights...

I have them in black, grey, natural, tan colour...
Also, in 20 - 60 DEN (depending on the coverage you want to have).
Where do I buy my tights?

You all know that tights can basically be found everywhere, from the supermarkets, to H&M, department stores, high-street fashion stores, even high end stores!
However I like to purchase my tights at Outlets just because I like to stock up on them (let's face it, they break easily) and I don't want to pay 7€ or so for a pair of tights!

My favourite place to buy tights are: 

  • Goldenpoint Outlet
  • Tzenis& Intimissimi Outlet

This season, I'm loving the lace tights!

This is my favourite pair!
I love wearing these tights with my simple, black shorts.

I love the flowers on this pair so much, that
I bought them in two different colours!

My trendy tights :)
When you're wearing simple outfits, solid colours& when you just don't have "too much going on" with your outfit, it's ideal to wear a pair of lace tights that will attract attention& make your simple outfit appear more trendy and less boring!

Fashion Tights by Philippe Matignon.
They retail for 12.90€
Outlet price: 1 €

Philippe Matignon fashion crochet cotton tights.
Mod. "Eclipse"

And here is how I wore this particular "Eclipse" model of tights:

"Eclipse" crochet cotton tights paired with
my dark brown riding boots& grey dress.

Brown gilet with faux fur collar: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Vintage
Dress: Stradivarius
Cotton crochet tights: Philippe Matignon
Riding boots: Sisley
Cross necklace: Accessories (croatian jewellery store)

Bare in mind, that if you're already wearing an outfit with lots of patterns& colours, e.g. flower prints, cheetah print etc. pairing lace or other trendy tights with the rest of your outfit, isn't the best idea.
In this case, go for a pair of basic, solid colour tights.
You'll look more elegant& stylish that way.
Otherwise you'll be risking appearing ridiculous& over the board.

In cold winter days, it isn't actually easy to go outside wearing only shorts or skirts and a pair of lace tights.
They don't really keep you warm!
So how can you stay warm, but still be trendy?
LAYER your lace tights!!!
Put the first layer of a simple, basic tights and then put your trendy lace tights on top!

Let's see some of the examples of how am I layering my tights together:

Here I'm wearing a pair of basic black tights underneath my
trendy lace tights.

The same story here: I'm wearing a pair of opaque basic black
tights underneath my crochet cotton black tights.
And here is how the entire outfits looked like:

Black basic top: H&M
Knitted wool cardigan: INA market (Made in Italy)
Shorts: Stradivarius
Ankle high black sluch boots: Flyfor
Bracelet: Imaty's fashion factory
Necklace: Yves Rocher
Lace tights: Sisi Moda

Grey turtleneck: H&M
Nordic print knitted dress: Pull& Bear
Cotton crochet black tights: Goldenpoint Outlet
So, these were just a few tips!
I hope this was helpful :)

Don't forget to check out my video where I'm telling you all about tights& more than that! :)
I really tried to do my best in making of this video:

Stay trendy& warm sporting your fashionable tights! ;)

xoxo, Sonja


  1. I absolutely agree with you tights are a must this season especially the laced ones :D

  2. I love your outfit with the shorts, tights, and boots! I haven't seen many people try that combination, but it seems very stylish.

  3. @Smashing Beauty I know! Lace tights are so hot this season! They're absolutely everybody's must have!! :)

  4. @j533j Thank you Jen! I've missed you! I'm glad you're following my blog now :)
    xoxo Sonja

  5. Any idea how those tights compare to the NoNonsense brand? That's what I usually wear but Im open to trying new ones.


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