Tuesday 22 February 2011

Fashion Haul: What's Trendy In Italy (Winter Sales Bargains)

Things I got at winter sales...
Hello ladies!

These are some of the new things that I bought in this period of winter sales...
Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find so many good deals& so much things that I liked so much!
I think I went a bit over the board with my budget& I'm going to have to be very careful with what I buy in March, I'm going to be on a very tight budget, because of all the shopping that I did during this period of sales!
I don't have any regrets because I really like what I bought& I believe I got a very good deals on the stuff I bought. BUT I do need to give myself a limit! In March I think I won't be buying any new clothes- I don't think I need anything else, especially not at a full price.

You can check out my fashion haul video here:

Here are the pics of the things that I got:


Knee high socks by Promod

I love the bow detail :) on the back of this fedora!

Grey fedora  by Promod

Brown fedora by Pimkie

Cute bow detail makes this hat more feminine!

Belt by Jennifer

Belt by Promod

Belt by Jennifer

Belt by Oviesse

Golden ballet flats by Pimkie

Only 3 € for a pair of these cute golden
ballet flats!


Knitted gilet by Jennifer

Grey lace top (ULTRA TRENDY!!!)
by Pimkie

A black cardigan from the
supermarket where I do my
grocery shopping!

A dark grey, long cardigan, from the supermarket
where I usually do my grocery shopping!

Black top by Jennifer

A long top/mini dress/ dark blue colour
by Jennifer

A see-through lace red shirt
by Promod

Long beige/cream colour cardigan with
fringe details by Terranova

Ignore the hanger, this high waisted skirt is actually
by Pimkie!

High waisted skirt with ruffles on the back
by Pimkie!
Soo cute!!!
This is how the front of this skirt looks like!
So this is my haul, I hope you like the items that I picked out!
For the prices, check out my video because I filmed& edited it some time ago& now that I'm writing this post, I can't really remember well all the prices, sorry!
But as I've said, you'll find the exact prices of all these items in my fashion haul video :)

This time, my favourite places to shop were:

  1. Jennifer
  2. Pimkie
  3. Terranova
  4. Promod
  5. Oviesse
What was your favourite place to shop on this season's sales?
What did you buy?
Did you go all crazy (like I did, lol), or you weren't that thrilled with the sales& couldn't really find anything nice?

Do let me know how was your experience with this season's sales!



  1. love the shoes, hat and skirt :D
    Super mi je sve što si kupila :D

  2. wowow cuuute finds~
    I especially love the blue belt an the ruffle skirt! @___@ do you know if those shops have an online store?

    X3 love your posts~

  3. Very pretty tops/skirts. Love them!! Also the ballet flats! What??! You lost your cat Leo??? Ohhh, I am so sorry. Losing a pet is losing a member of the family! RIP Leo!


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