Monday 28 February 2011

My OOTD: Leopard Print Gilet, Denim Mini- Skirt, Leggings...

Outside it's foggy& rainy...cold winter weather!
No sign of spring... :(

Well, at least I can cheer myself up with fashion!!!

This is my Outfit of the day, and you can also see it on my MissFashionKitty channel, where I often upload my short OOTD& other fashion related videos :)
Click on the link bellow to watch my video:

Grey& black, just as if I'm being inspired by the weather! lol

Style yourself trendy& your mood will improve ;)
Yes, girls, I'm absolutely LOVING the leopard print gilet for this season!
It has become my staple item :)

I'm actually loving it so much, that I just recently bought the second one (the one I'm featuring today in my fashion video). As some of you might remember, I already have one, but in yellow, whereas this is in a grey colour! It was on sale, so this is my justification for buying it! ;)
Actually, there were only TWO pairs left, both of these in a size L.
I'm a size S!!
I bought it anyways, this is how much I liked it.
I'm going to wear it with a belt tied around my waist to make it a bit more formfitting & not so wide!
I got my gilet at Jennifer fashion store, for only 9 €.

You guys have been asking me about Jennifer store...
I don't have much details to tell you, it's just a store that I have close to where I live. I believe it's a french brand... I'll have to investigate& get back to you on this one, as right now I don't have much info to give you :(
Sorry about that!

So all the featured clothes came from these fashion stores:

  • Grey leopard print gilet: Jennifer
  • Grey wool turtleneck: United Colors of Benetton
  • Black Denim Mini Skirt: H&M (Young girl dept.)
  • Black leggings: Mango, or H&M (I have several of these basic black leggings...)
  • Thin silver belt with rhinestones: Caleidos
  • Knee high socks: Promod
  • Light grey suede boots: Promod
  • Silver earrings: Six
That's it for today!

Don't let the bad weather ruin your mood&/or the fashion sense!



  1. I LOVE THAT lepard print got, and looks good on you...and the make up totally matches it :)

  2. I loved this look - like you stepped off the pages of Vogue! LOVED it!


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