Tuesday 29 March 2011

BIG Avon Haul! :)

Do you girls like Avon?

I personally do, I have been an Avon rep. for ... I'd say 10 years now... (!!)
Nowadays, I sell it only to my Mum & to myself, lol, as I'm still Avon representative in Croatia, but I'm not there very often, so I don't have time or occasion to search for a clients & then, to keep the customers satisfied... ;D
I used to sell it to other people every now & then, whenever an occasion would arrise, but due to my constant travellings, I was never able to be consistent at that and expand (or even mantain) my clientele.

So now I just focus on indulging myself & my Mum into some serious Avon goodies hauling :)

I usually order it on-line & then, when I go to visit my family in Croatia, there is already a package waiting for me!

In the past, I have dedicated a few vids of mine to Avon reviews & hauls, and this here is my most recent one:

Loving my Avon goodies ;)
Here are the products that I got recently:

Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser
I really like this little "device"!
It leaves my skin feeling clean & refreshed.

In the past month or so, I've been fighting blemishes with
Clearskin professional line.
This line won't give you an instant results, you have to be very consistent & use
these products religiously.
After one month you'll slowly (but surely) start noticing the improvements!

Anew Rejuvenate line
I'm not 30 just yet, but I wanted to try this line as it's still
formulated for young skin & the active ingredients in this line should help
in fighting the first visible signs of ageing.
Nothing too strong though, as I've said, this line is created for younger skin, not for
the mature one.
I actually liked all these products pretty much!
Especially the eye cream& the  face serum!

Avon Make Up:
- In the past, some of Avon's eyeshadows have let me down :(
However this is not the case with Avon's 8 in 1 eye palettes!
I already have two of them & now I purchased this third one
 (I couldn't resist, the colours were soo pretty!)
This one is in "Tempting tones"
- I do LOVE the lip glosses by Avon!
My recent purchase is Glazewear Shine in "Tickled Pink"
- Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner/eye-liner gel in black has become
 my absolute must-have!!!
Something I can't stop recommending ;)

Skin so Soft line: Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold
Currently I'm using this sparkly golden oil as my
body moisturizer :)

Foot Works
I love to do my pedicure at home & this Pomegranate Chocolate
Soothing Foot Soak is a-m-a-z-i-n-g
I also have the Pomegranate Chocolate Moisturising Foot Cream
that I apply on my feet after the pedicure.

Other Avon goodies:
I'm looking forward to trying out the "Solutions Body Instant Tone" body
tightening spray! Will it work? ahem... (!!)
Also, Moisturizing Mist Hair Spray with macadamia & aloe sounds promissing :)
I have a few products from ANew Clinical line, such as Derma- Full Lip Volumiser
& a sample size of Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream. 

I hope you girls enjoyed my haul/ quick review!
If you're interested to know more info on any of these products in particular, don't hesitate to request it & I'll be glad to do another Avon video and/or blog post.

& ... Don't forget to tell me all about your Avon Must-Haves!



  1. Živijo!
    I love your review! i was thinking to purchase the Tempting Tones palette, but many reviews are negative, saying that the colours have no sstaying power... your opinion? your experience that far!

  2. @npb I'm so sorry for not being able to answer you sooner! I do recommend the Avon 8in1 eyeshadow palettes! I usually don't think much of Avon eyeshadows, but the exceptions are these 8in1 palettes! I own 3 and I'm very pleased with them. The pigmentation is nice, and the staying power aslo if you make sure to use a good eyeshadow primer :) Hope I helped in making of your decision xx


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