Tuesday 1 March 2011

My Everyday Face Using Catrice Make-up!

Hello girls!

Are you familiar with the Catrice cosmetics?
If you live in Europe, you probably are, but I'm not sure whether this brand is available outside of the EU...probably not! :(
It's a german brand, I usually buy it in Croatia at Kozmo drugstores.
I really like the quality of this brand& it's also very convenient price wise :)
Recently I was sent a few of Catrice make-up items as a gift from the crew of neseser.hr (the website where I write my croatian blog), and past summer I got some items in a swap with Cookiemix67.
Even before all that, I bought some eyeshadows when I was in a drugstore in Croatia...so, my Catrice collection suddenly became quite big!
I was looking at all the make up from Catrice that I have& I figured out I could pratically do my entire day time make up using only (or almost only) the Catrice make up that I have in my "collection" :)

Here is the look that I created:

Playing with my Catrice make-up!

Make sure to check out my make-up tutorial
on my beauty channel!
The link will be in this blog post.
I believe it's a great every day look with a pop of colour (violet) just along my lower lash line.
It really flatters the hazel eyes & it accentuates the green in them!

The eye make-up.

Highlighter in the waterline& a few coats of my fave

Face& Lips

As always, the "tools" are the key in creating
any kind of look!
You can see my video tutorial here:

I hope you like this look :)

Have you ever tried anything from Catrice make up?
If so, do you like this brand and which are your favourites?

Make-up yourself pretty every day :)


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  1. Sonja, I enjoyed watching your video on this and I love the Catrice eyeshadow palette and the face powder. You achieved a very pretty look, using these products!!xxoo Thank you for sharing with us!


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