Tuesday 15 March 2011

Collective Make up Haul: Kiko, Lush, MAC!

Hello girls!

Finally, I'm here to tell you all about my little make up haul :)
I wrote about it in one of my previous blog posts (the one mentioning my visit to the Venice carnival...)& asked you to be a bit patient with me because I wanted to film a video about my haul and then write about it here on my blog...
So, the video is up!
You can watch it HERE!!!

My make up haul ;)

Here are my new goodies that make me happy ;)

Kiko Make up Milano

Kiko 30 Days Extension
Night Treatment Booster

This is how the brush looks like.
This night treatment is a clear gel

I'm yet to do a proper review on this product (expect it after 30 days, because this is how long it takes for this treatment to start showing the results.)
How to use: Apply to lashes after removing all make- up, for 30 nights in a row.
How it works: Thanks to the innovative K2 pro- growth complex, lash growth increases by 169% after only 30 days of application. K2 pro- growth complex is a veritable supplement for eyelashes that is absorbed and metabolized by their structure, enhancing their natural growth.


My hubby& I have chosen 2 "Cazzilli" bars :)
The soap was a sample/ gift from Lush.
My hubby & I really wanted to try out these "Cazzilli" bars that are supposed to bring you an aromatherapy experience in your shower!
We have chosen to try out these two: "Frizzolo" (with "awakening" effect) and "Sbronzolo" ( "restoring" effect.)
Honestly, I haven't tried these out yet! My hubby tried one chunk of "Frizzolo" (btw, "Frizzolo" is the one with a little orange man imprinted in the middle) and he wasn't too thrilled with it. He says he wouldn't repurchase it.
But, we'll wait for my opinion... ;)


I haven't picked out anything from the "Wonder Woman"
collection but they gave me this cute card.

My picks at MAC :)
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
in Medium Plus

Currently, "Medium Plus" is the right shade for my
skin tone!

This has been my little object of desire for several months now:
MAC iridescent powder/loose
in Silver Dusk

I'm really happy with my purchases at MAC because these two products have been on the very top of my wish list for a while now!
I haven't purchased anything from MAC in a while & now it seemed like a perfect occasion to treat myself a little bit! :)
MAC in Italy is so freaking expensive, it's outrageous!
These two products cost me 54 € and I think this is a lot of money to give for a two make up items!
I'll be very careful with my budget until the end of this month... I just don't want to waste my money here & there & everywhere, just accumulating stuff... lol

But these are the two items that, like I've said, I really wanted for a long time so I know they won't just be sitting in my drawer, but I'll have many usage out of them!

MAC mineralize skinfinish is something I'm planning on wearing even more frequently with the arrival of warmer days, instead of my liquid foundation.
And the "Silver Dusk" iridescent loose powder is just amazing! 

You can use it in numerous different ways: 

 to illuminate a certain parts of your face,
 you can use it on top of your eyeshadow or,
 as a highlight under your eyes or,
 under the brow bone...
 also,  you can mix it with your liquid foundation for the radiant& illuminating effect!

Amazing product, this is my top recommendation!!!

Do you like MAC products and is MAC as expensive in your country too?
What is your all time favourite product by MAC?

I'll talk to you soon,



  1. Hi Sonja! I so enjoyed this haul! I would love to see a review on the MAC mineralize powder and the illuminating Silver Dusk powder and would love to know if you like them! I had a friend put a bath bomb in her sons bath and it bothered me (allergies) and another aquaintance and her husband used the ones for when you are sick to clear you out - they loved them. With allergies, aromatherapy and I do not get along. LOL But, I do like Lavender. Speaking of Lavender, I got a MAC lip pot with Lavender in it and also got "Petting Pink" lip pot. I have several of thier eyeshadows and a face powder. Did not like a foundation I tried of thiers and one lipstick turned color on me. But, I did just order "Pretty Please" a new pink color in one of thier new palettes. Soft Pink. Thank you Sonja! I think MAC is the same price here. Oh, I used a concealer in the pot...later I checked and with no powder to set it, it was a MESS. LOL

  2. aaa divno, nisam ljubitelj lush a ali mac obozavam, imam mineralize skin finish i vrh je :-*

  3. gotta love MAC :D
    ljepo si se nakupovala :)))
    the lash growth is tempting... truely tempting..
    totalno me mami ali se bojim :S

  4. @ CopyCat Zasto se bojis? Alergijske reakcije?
    Ja ju koristim vec duze od tjedan dana i nemam nikakvih problema, vidjet cemo kakvi ce biti rezultati nakon 30 dana...Jos dolazim u napast da kupim jos jednu, za ubuduce, jer sada su na promociji, cijena je odlicna, 3,90€, drugi mjesec se vracaju na staru cijenu, nesto oko 12 € !!


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