Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ethnic/ Tribal Jewellery Haul

As I've mentioned before, this month I was trying to be on a strict budget.
I went a bit crazy during the winter sales period, so March was pretty challenging as I promissed myself I would be very careful at how I spend my money!
I gave myself a budget of 200 € (including all my monthly needs, such as make up, skincare, bodycare, haircare, CLOTHES, accessories, footwear, even snacks at work!!!)
I know, when talking about money, it's all relative, because somebody might see my monthly budget as ridiculously tiny & then, other people may see it as huuuge amount of money to spend only on myself!
I was just trying to adjust it to make it proportional to my needs and cravings & to what I REALLY need & can afford. I think 200 € is plenty & I did great staying in the limits of my budget!
I feel very proud :)

I concentrated on finding bargains, good deals, in-store promotions & thrifting!!!

Concerning make up & cosmetics, I wasn't buying anything that I didn't strictly need. What's the point in accumulating stuff?
I read a very inspiring blog post, written by my friend Liz, about trying to be less consumist.
You also, can read it HERE :)

So, as I've said, I'm on a hunt for bargains ;)
I was very excited when, at "Bijou Brigitte", I found amazing jewellery on sale, for only 2 €!! 
I picked out a few pieces that I really liked & that are going to be great for completing my spring & summer outfits.Some of these necklaces were originally priced at 24 €!!

This is what I've picked out:

You can also check out my video feat. all these pieces CLICK HERE ;)

Thanx for watching!

How are you at spending & hauling?
Do you give yourself a budget or do you indulge every month into buying whatever you like?
Do you think you really need all the things you buy?
If you'd set yourself a budget, what should that be, to cover all your monthly needs?

I'm just being a bit curious, girls ;)


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