Wednesday 30 March 2011

Avon Must- Haves & What NOT to Buy!

Hello girls!

My Avon videos are always so popular & requested that yesterday, after uploading my "BIG Avon Haul" video, I went through some of my old videos & found these two vids about my Avon likes & dislikes... Parts of these videos made me laugh & parts made me feel embarassed! lol
I was just starting out with the whole Youtube videos & reviews back then, my english wasn't as fluent & I was "all over the place".. looking at some of my old vids now, I see myself as absolutely ridiculous!
It may be that I'm judging myself too harsh, but on the other hand, I feel satisfied because I can see an improvement in my videos & reviews, day by day!

Thank you all my lovely viewers/subbies/readers/followers for sticking by me & supporting me!
I couldn't have made this progress without you :) That's for sure!

So, I just decided to quickly edit my two old videos where I was talking about my Avon likes & dislikes and re-upload them. I believe they're much more interesting & informative right now!

What do you think?

After my "BIG Avon Haul" video that I uploaded yesterday, lots of you requested me to do a more thorough review on Avon Solutions Vibes, Avon Clearskin Professional and Avon rejuvenate line.
I'll keep in mind to do these videos/blog posts soon!


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