Thursday 10 March 2011

Fashion & Style: My Grey Dress From Zara (OOTD)

Hello girls!

On this past sales I got tons of amazing deals!
 (Like you don't already know, lol, I don't talk about anything else these days...)
 One of them was definitely this grey dress by Zara collection.
It was almost 80% off, so I didn't mind buying it in a size M, when I actually am a size S, or XS :)
Because of the model of the dress, I believe I can pull off a nice outfit even with a size/two sizes up than my usual size.
In most cases, I'm not discouraged at all if I don't manage to find my size: I should say, 70% of the cases, I find out that I can wear other sizes as well and make them look pretty cute on me! 

I love wearing this dress with my cropped dark grey jacket (by Zara), with my grey ankle high slouch boots, or a simple black leather biker style boots...
... or with a girly ballet flats! (now that spring is aproaching, I'll wear this combination more often. Currently it's still too cold here to wear ballet flats sighh...)

Don't miss out on my fashion video, where you can see all these footwear& more styling tips ;)
Just click here:

I accessorized my dress by layering the necklaces: I'm wearing my dainty gold necklace with heart shaped pendant and two angel pendants (gift from my Grandparents& my Dad when I was just an infant), my silver fairy necklace& the bold metal necklace that I inherited from my hubby's relative.

I just love layering these necklaces!

How are you dressed today?



  1. uuu nice haljina, cena jos bolja :-)

  2. muy guapa. I love you blog

  3. cute and a really good deal at that price!! i'm desperate for ballet flat weather... yesterday I saw a lady with sandals on!

  4. jako volim sivo, a ova haljina mi je bas bas super....Odlicno ti i stoji mogu ti reci, za ove pare super si je nasla :)))

  5. I dont know how it is in Italy.. but in UK sometimes Zara only makes a medium in some tops. It is SO annoying!!! Their sizes are werid.. very rarely we can get xs here. Only s m l!

    However this dress looks great in the size because you can always add a belt.. plus you can see your legs that you are slim so its nice that its loose in the body.

    Its funny today I went to zara.. i saw some shoes I LOVE. They only make them until a size 40 :( Im 41. AGAIN Zara and its bullshit sizing!!!


  6. @ Tali In Italy it's a bit easier to find a size xs at Zara, but I noticed too that in some tops they make only m and l size.
    Then, on sales, it's even harder to find your exact size!
    I didn't know this thing about the shoes, I thought they must have a size 41 as well! I'm 39/40 (depending on a model) and yes, I love their shoes, but sometimes they can be too expensive, comparing to some other footwear stores in Italy that for the same price offer better quality. But still, can't resist them :)
    xoxo Pusa

  7. Thank you girls!
    I'm glad you're loving my new dress :)
    Lots of kisses


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