Tuesday 8 March 2011

REQUESTED Review: Bourjois Make Up

Hello girls!

One of the requests that I got recently was to do a review on Bourjois make up!
I do have a few products from Bourjois in my collection currently& I really do like this brand, so I was happy to do this review for you!

You can watch my video/review here:

I usually buy Bourjois make up in a drugstores in Croatia because here in Italy I just can't seem to find this brand anywhere...(??)
It's a french brand of make up, and I've heard it's actually  Chanel's little sister :)
It really is an awesome quality brand& the prices are just a slightly higher than other drugstore brands, but definitely still in the affordable range.

If you haven't tried anything from Bourjois yet, but you're thinking about buying something, my recommendation is go for lip glosses and blushes!
These are my absolut favourites!!!
The selection of different shades is amazing, the colours are just gorgeous, one prettier than another!
The colour pay off is amazing too.
Bourjois lip glosses are my favourite lip glosses ever. I really like the "Effet 3D" line, and "Les nudes".

As I've said, the blushes will leave you speachless: The colours are just so pretty, it's hard to describe it with words lol! Plus, they will last you a long time so don't be discouraged by the tiny confection (2,5 g of the product).

Pics taken: 1.)  in the natural daylight/ 2.) with a flash
I just recently finished off the compact powder by Bourjois.
I was very pleased with how matifying it was, awesome for oily/combination skin.
Also, a great make up to use if you have some breakouts because it actually helps drying out the blemishes and it won't clogg your pores and cause additional problems on your skin.
It really helps you stay shine free throughout the whole day!
My one mistake was that I got it in a wrong shade, not as flattering for my skin tone/undertone.
I didn't like the pink undertone it had :( I should have gotten the more natural, or even yellow undertone.
I got mine in a shade "Sable Rose", but now I think the "Beige Clair" would have worked better for me.
I'll keep this in mind when repurchasing this product!

This is a very good quality compact powder, great for setting your
Thanx to another blogger& a friend of mine, Tali from the Gloss Goss, I had a chance to try out two of Bourjois eye pencils.
(Thank you Tali for sending these to me! xx)

I've had them in my collection for a while now, and I'm using them religiously whenever I want a pop of a green colour on my eyes (I find that green really accentuates the colour of my haazel eyes).
These are very soft& very long-lasting, especially the "Khol & Contour" one, which really lasts up to 16h!

In the past I've tried the Bourjois eye shadows, currently I don't own them, just because I wasn't very thrilled with them. For the price they're sold at, I think you can definitely find better eye shadows.

So this is my quick review on the Bourjois make up, definitely a thumbs up for the majority of their products!
If you live in Italy and know where to find this brand, please let me know, you can leave me a comment :)
In Croatia I don't have any difficulties in getting it, practically any drugstore holds it, and I usually buy it at DM (drogerie markt), Bipa or Kozmo drugstores.



  1. Obozavam njihova rumenila, jedna sminkerka mi je rekla da su jako kvalitetna sva,a ja imam jedno koje to potvrdjuje....Takodje sam cula da su sjenkice odlicne,ali ih nisam nikad probala...pusa

  2. Hi Sonja! I tried this line YEARS ago, when they had it on QVC - the makeup artist and I remember getting the bestselling eyeshadow he recommended. I had several shadows and enjoyed them. I also have a lipgloss that I have not used yet. I THINK I still have it. Not sure. I cannot find these products now..they used to be at Sephora, Ulta..I think Ulta only has two shadows now, like they are being discontinued. Lovely line!


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