Tuesday 4 September 2012

Holiday Outfit Vlog # 6 Maxi Dress!

Hello lovelies!

My Holiday Outfit Vlog/Posts continue...today we're at a day 6!
I still have one outfit left to show you (and that video/post should be up tomorrow),and then we're slowly getting back into a reality of a(so far) rainy September...

However, I do have tons of news planned for September, this Fall some major changes are going to happen on my channels and my blog...
Soufeel charm bracelet giveaway is also coming soon...
Stay tuned for updates! :)

Back to the beautiful croatian island of Rab, a perfect place for a vacation!
I can never get enough of that place, ideally, I would like to spend an entire year living there and...blogging about it! ;)

So, this is what I wore for the beach, day 6 of my summer vacations...
A trendy maxi dress, straw material hat with some cute beads & seashells decorations and a chunky orange earrings to complete the styling!
All these pieces I bought at INA Market Italy (a big warehouse where you can find basically anything, and all for a very good price!)

Check out how my outfit looked like, here:

Again, we spent the day at Gozinka beach, as, after a few days of  going to the different beach every day, finally we've decided we liked the Gozinka one the best! :)

My bikini is from H&M
(summer 2011. beachwear collection)

My white/ sparkly top bikini is from Golden Point Outlet.
I bought it a couple of years ago, and I simply love it!
I feel it is very flattering for my body shape.

Heaven ♥

My today's outfit

And let me quickly show you my outfit for the evening out...

All the time of our stay on the island, it was very hot, even at night time, which is a bit unusual, as at night time it usually tends to be a bit windy and chillier.
The past years of my vacationing there, for the evenings out I would usually bring an extra layer, such as a denim jacket or a blazer...
This summer, I really didn't need the extra layering!
Even the nights were pleasantly warm, just as I love it!!!

We took these "night" pics at the backyard of the house where we stayed in... Funny story about the last two pics...I thought these doors would be a nice background for my pics...the little house seemed like a garage/ some sort of a warehouse...so I grabbed the door knob and carefree started posing...lol...later we realized it was an actual house, with a people living there!!!
Can you immagine how awkward it would have been, if they had gotten out and saw me posing in front of their door entrance??
How weird would that be?? I still laugh with my hubby when we think of that! :D LOL!

Night Out Outfit:

Crochet shorts: ZARA
Spiked sandals: ZARA
Studded clutch: INA MARKET Italy
Bracelets & Necklace: H&M

And that's how my vacation was slowly coming to an end...tomorrow I'll update you on how did the day # 7 go...and that very same night we actually travelled back home to Rijeka!

Thanks for stopping by!
I'm sending you lots of ♥ your way!!!

Sonja xx

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