Wednesday 26 September 2012

Summer to Fall, BIG Fashion Haul

Hello beauties!

I think it's time for a HAUL!!! :)

I hope you enjoy watching! :)

I also took the pics of all the items that I purchased in the last couple of months, so I could show them to you here!
Hopefully this will serve to you as an inspiration :)

Dainty, "evil eye" bracelet from Accessorize.
4.90 €

Bershka Aztec print skirt
This clothing item was very popular among bloggers this past spring!
I never got a chance to buy it, until the end of summer sales, when I grabed it immediately for only 6.99€
I can still wear this skirt, in the early Fall days, paired with tights & lots of layering on top!

Mint green tank top from Bershka.
I bought it because I thought it would go perfectly with my new aztec print skirt!
I love the colour, and the lace detail on the back :)
Bought at the end of summer sales for 4.99€

"Run Faster" tank top from Bershka, which I absolutely love!
I found it at the end of summer sales, for only 2.99€

Another great find at Bershka, for only 2.99€ was this pink skull tank top, with
a zipper detail on the back, which makes this top so cute!

Waterfall cardigans, basic wardrobe must-haves in these early fall days.
Great for layering, but still pretty lightweight!
4.99€ each, at the end of summer sales@ Bershka!
Bought it in this neutral/beige & grey colour.

A few hair accessories/ decorations from H&M
Would you like to see a hair tutorial on how to do a volumized bun with this sponge- thing?
prices go from 2.95€ to 3.95€

These pants are so flattering!
Skinny style, high waisted, they hug your body perfectly :)
I think this "Dalmatian dog" print is so fun!
New collection at H&M, only 9.95€

New collection at H&M
Oversized green top
This colour is very trendy for the new season :)
I actually bought it to pair it with my "Dalmatian dog" print pants, I think I saw that combo somewhere before,
& I really liked it!

Local boutique:
Knitted pink top, cute button details at the sides!
5€ on a special offer

Military style blouse from a local boutique here in Italy.
The price was around 6€, maybe less, and it was a promotional price, so
I couldn't pass on it!
I was thinking of embellishing it with a little metal studs that I got of ebay...
DIY project, here we go! ;)

I'm in love with this top!
So casual, yet so trendy!
I love the spiked heels and a little clutch with a skull print.
On a special promo, for only 4€ at my local italian boutique.
This top also came in blue, black and white and I wanted to buy them all,
but I behaved well and restrained myself! :)

What I like in particular about this top, is that it has a real metal spikes and little
rhinestones on the heel and clutch print :)

It is a bit oversized, so I like to wear this T-shirt with my leggings, or skinny jeans!

Some colorful scarves, from Bershka.
I loved the mint green one because of the colour, and I thought the skull one is so cute :)
2.99€ each, at the end of summer sales.

This Fall season, military style is IN!
This jacket is a part of the new collection at Pull & Bear
39.95€ (If I'm not mistaken! It might be 49.95€...sorry ...I didn't keep the receipt and my memory fades, ha!)
I looove the leather & military combo, so fierce!

Some new shoes for the Fall...
Tally Weijl ballet flats (aren't the gold hearts just adorable??) 12.95€
Brown heels from Stradivarius (end of summer sales!!!) 9.95€ - but these are most def. Fall shoes!!!
Suede like black booties, Pull & Bear, 9.95€ (another great steal at the summer sales, for a trendy Fall!)

Bracelets from Stradivarius
(new collection)
set of 3

Gift from my friend and colleague from work, Raffa!
Such a cute, "summer-y" necklace :)
From Stradivarius
Thank you Raffa (grazie mille!!!)

Floral print cargo pants, from Stradivarius!
Now hear this: I bought them at the end of summer sales, for less than 6€ which was innnsane, given the fact that I saw VERY similar pants now, as a new arrivals for the Fall 2012. at Zara & similar shops... (!!!)

New collection at Stradivarius, but I had to have them!
39.95€ doesn't seem all that expensive when you're looking at these super pretty & sparkly, sequin shorts!
It's just what I needed as an addition to my wardrobe, for the new Fall season :)

Neon is actually going to stay trendy even in Fall!
One wouldn't think that, as these are pretty much summer-yyy colours!
It's definitely IN :)
I was happy to get this necklace from Zara, for 3.99€ (discounted from 19.95€)
I love Zara accessories, but they can be so freakin' expensive!
19.95€ for this "metal trendy junk"? NO THANKS, I'LL PASS! lol

Another most blogged about item, in this new Fall season, is this military style parka from Zara.
These were sold out in a matter of minutes!
A bit pricey, but I'm conforting myself thinking how much I enjoy wearing it & styling it in many different ways!
I wore it with girly, floral print, the other day, and really liked the combo, and the whole contrast of a rough military style, with innocent, girly, floral print! :)

I love the embellished pocket details!

So guys, this was my haul!
I know it's been a while, but I guess this one can make it up to you, for the lack of hauls in the previous months!
As you can see, these are the items that I accumulated since the end of August, so I didn't just go out & went crazy past week or something! 

I hope the next fashion haul will come soon, but I do need to put on my best behaviour and try to restrain myself when it comes to shopping!
I know I'm never really successful at that, but I'll try and limit myself to only purchasing things that I really like & will have a lot of usage out of, in the upcoming months!

Thank you so much for stopping by, 
a big kisss from Italy,

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