Monday 17 September 2012

New Vlogs on MissFashionKitty Channel!

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great start to this new week!
After a busy weekend, today I was at home, relaxing & updating my youtube channels!
The great news, that I had just found out about a few days ago, is that youtube FINALLY has an option to change username!
I've been waiting for this since 2009. and, as most of you know, I was so sick and tired of my eipysgudps username which makes no sense at all, that I've decided to abandon that channel, and open a new one!
Thank you to all of you who immediately subscribed to my new channel!
The great news is that with this new option on youtube, I'm no longer forced to switch to a new channel, and will keep uploading my beauty videos to eipysgudps channel, which now goes by a username Sonia Verardo !!! :)
And, as far as my new channel goes, well, I'm going to transform it into a place for my videos in croatian language!
MissFashionKitty is still my fashion/vlog/style channel, and MissTrendyKitty channel will be deleted, as soon as I transfer all my vlog videos from there to my MissFashionKitty channel.
I know, it can be a bit confusing reading about all this, but here is basically what it all comes down to:

Beauty/Make Up channel:
username: Sonia Verardo

username: MissFashionKitty

Croatian channel:
username: SoniaVerardo

I hope this makes it a bit clearer now! :)
I know, I do have a tendency of complicating things, so hopefully  I finally managed to semplify everything a bit!

Anyway, I wanted to update you on two new vlog videos that I just recently uploaded to MissFashionKitty channel.
These two videos aren't among the videos that I'm transfering from my old vlog channel, so I know you haven't had a chance to see them yet!

If you like my vlogs, don't miss out on these two:

VLOG: Chilling by the Pool & How Not to Pack!

Pics from my weekend getaway with my hubby ;)

I ♥ you hubby!

VLOG: Out & About in Conegliano, Italy & I Suck at Vlogging!

This next vlog was filmed a few months ago, when I went to italian town Conegliano, to sort out some documents!
I just didn't have a chance to post those videos for you sooner, but I still hope you're going to enjoy watching :)

A big kiss from Italy,

xoxo Sonja

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