Thursday 13 September 2012

Nail Polish of the Week & a Quick Healthy Snack Idea!

Hello lovelies!

Here is a little something exclusive for the lovely readers of my blog!
This week I have discovered a new line of nail polishes made in italy, by the name "Arcobaleno", which transfered in english, means "Rainbow". The name of the brand makes sense, giving the fact that they have, like one million different shades of nail polishes!
The packaging isn't anything spectacular, but what makes this brand special is its price (each polish costs only 0.99 cent!) and its durability! They're quite long lasting indeed!
I picked up only one, just because I have an outrageous collection of nail polishes and don't really need another my defense, this is the shade I didn't have in my collection yet!

The nail polish is true to the colour in the bottle, after just one application!
However, I like to apply two coats of nail polish, so even today, with this polish, I applied two coats!
& it dries pretty fast :)
This colour reminds me a lot on OPI's nail polish "Thanks A WindMillion" from the Holland Collection. It looks even more as its dupe, in the "real life".

I might just go & buy more of these "Arcobaleno" nail polishes...I'm in a big temptation! lol
Anyway, this is what's on my nails this week :)


While writing this post, I'm snacking on something really yummy!
So I wanted to quickly share my meal, as a healthy snack idea :)

I'm snacking on:
- some spelled grains (Farro is the word for it in italian) dipped in honey, with some extra honey of orange blossom added on top (the brand I use is "Ambrosoli Miele")
- grapes
- peach
- banana
YUM!!! ;)

My ideal afternoon snack :)

I hope you liked this quick post!
There'll be more of these coming, as I have some really pretty nail polishes that I'd like to show you and this is the best way to do that:)
Also, my healthy snack ideas will continue, if you think that's something that interest you!
Let me know in the comment's section!

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Love from Italy,

xoxo Sonja

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