Monday 10 September 2012

SUBSONICA 2012. TOUR: Yesterday's Concert!

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday, after a very busy day at work, I arrived home, changed my hairstyle & my clothes, to more appropriate ones for the ride on scooter, and it took me all together 5 min. to be ready to go to the concert of Subsonica!

Subsonica is my hubby's favourite band, and mine too!
I was just very tired after a busy working weekend, and I didn't have much will to go to the concert after work, but I really wanted to make my hubby happy as he was looking forward to this concert for months!
So, without much thinking about it, I just decided we MUST go!
And now, I'm really, really happy that we did! The atmosphere was amazing, they played for 2 hours straight with such an energy and enthusiasm, and most of our fave songs were included!

Magical ♥

Here is just a little bit of yesterday's atmosphere (it was too dark to take nice pics, so here is only one!)

I have a long list of my favourite songs from this group, so I'll share here just one of my very favourites!

For all my international readers who might not be familiar with their music, SUBSONICA is very famous italian band, and you can get to know their music HERE! Their official web page!

I can honestly say, I ♥ listening to their music!

Thank you all for stopping by, have a beautiful day,

xoxo Sonja

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