Thursday 13 September 2012

(OPEN!!!) Soufeel Charm Bracelet GIVEAWAY! Win 100£ Worth Pandora Style Bracelet!

Hello girlies!

I'm up since the early morning, because I was getting my documents done (renewing my italian permit of stay etc. ...boring!) But the good news is, that's behind me now, so today I still have plenty of time to do some little things from my "To Do" list!
Such as this blog post! ;)

Finally, the greatly announced Soufeel charm bracelet giveaway is now OPEN!!!

You can enter both here, on my blog, and on my MissFashionKitty youtube  channel, by leaving me a comment under this video:

For a better chances to win, enter both here & on my Youtube channel!! ;)


STEP 1. Subscribe to:

You can also enter this giveawy on my blog:
enter by leaving my your comment in the comment's section, just under this post!

STEP 2. Subscribe to SOUFEEL jewelry channel:

STEP 3. visit and tell me what are your favorite items on site marking "favorite soufeel jewelry" and leave the comment under the video


To be the first one to know who won this giveaway, follow me on twitter!



Want to know more about Soufeel charm bracelet?
Watch my review, and see the charms that I've chosen for my collection!

Each and every one of the charms that I've chosen mean something special to me, and I'm really glad that one of you guys, will now have the chance to create its own charm bracelet!

The winner will be announced in October!
Enter in many! :)

Loveee you! Kissses from Italy :)
xoxo Sonja


  1. My favourite soufeel jewellery:
    Letter I love ny heart
    Rose red with Light blue
    Cut light carnet glass

  2. Hi (: thank you for the giveaway
    My favourite soufeel jewellery:
    Love Wedding Leather Bracelets
    Soufeel Metal And Murano Glass Mixed Castle Beads Bracelet
    Lead A Happy Life Leather Bracelets
    Youtube: claudiaazc
    Blog: Claudia

  3. My Favorite Soufeel jewelry is the SOUFEEL 150CM Leather Lariat bracelet. I like the following charms: Rabbit Charm, Rottweiler Black Photo Heart Charm, Pink Crystal Heart Charm and Sports Cyclocross Biking Sunset Photo Peace Symbol Charm. My Youtube channel is Selinancolorado and blog is Selinabikechick. Thank you for giveaway!

  4. Silver Snake Chain Bracelets ... Number : DSL003
    Live Love Laugh With Stars Drum Silver Plated Charms....... Number : DFJ0203
    Blue Music Notation Charm...... Number : DXS0112
    Cool Skull Theme Charm------- Number : DFJ0071

  5. Pulseras de plata de serpiente Cadena
    Live Love Laugh con Estrellas Drum encantos de plata chapado en
    Charm Blue notación musical .
    Fresco Charm Skull Tema


  6. Silver Gray Basic Bracelets

    Cut Shiny Green Glass Charms

    Pale Green Leafs Drum Silver Plated Charms

    Silver Cute Little Pig Standing Charms

    Red With Yellow Mushroom Silver Plated Charms

    Silver Interweaving Knot Round Charms

  7. Thank you for the giveaway!
    In Youtube my nick is glcaleirbag.

    My favourite soufeel jewellery:
    Sweet Ice Cream Shape Charm
    Silver Paris Eiffel Tower Charms
    Cute Heart Love Shape Charm

  8. Soufeel has amazing pieces, I am very excited about this giveaway. My favorites are:
    Lead A Happy Life Leather Bracelets
    Blue Music Notation Charm
    August Birthstone Drop Shape Irregular Pendants


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