Monday 3 September 2012

Holiday Outfit Vlog # 3. Floral Print Mini Dress

Hello beauties!

How was your weekend?
Mine, super busy, but today is Monday so I can chill and get back on track with the Holiday Outfit posts!
I have so many things to show you yet, that I filmed during my summer vacations, that I'm affraid summer will be over before I manage to get everything up, lol!

I have to admit, I'm a bit affraid to think that summer is coming to an end. I usually don't like autumn and winter time as it is, and I always feel a bit blue when summer is ending, this year the feeling is even stronger...
The rain, the grey sky, chillier weather and less sun, make me miss my Dad even more, and the time isn't lessening the pain...

So I have to keep myself occupied and my blog and OOTD videos help me out a lot!

I hope you'll enjoy watching the OOTD video that I have prepared for you today!

and here are some pics!...we've taken these ones at the beach of Kampor, Veli Mel, at the island of RAB.

This "easy to throw on" floral print mini-dress is from Apple Fashion store,
I bought it in Rijeka, Croatia, a few summers back!
I have another one, the exact same model, but different print.
I love to wear them in summer :)

I like to accessorize even when I'm at the beach:
My necklace made of seashells is from Italian Open Market and it was really inexpensive!
Straw material hat is from Jennifer fashion store.

Bathing suit, the top part was a gift from my Mum (the bottoms were  too big), the bottom part is from Tzenis Outlet (and it matches perfectly the top part!)

Here, the top part of my bikini is from H&M (past summer's beachwear collection)

We usually don't go that often to the "Veli Mel" beach, because it's always quite crowded and the sea is very shallow for kilometers and kilometers!
It's great for kids, but not so great for us swimmers!
The positive side to this beach is that it is very close to where we have an accomodation, and it's sandy, so we can enjoy playing our fave beach activity, the volleyball!

I hope you liked all these pics!

Have a beautiful day, looove you all <3 <3

Sonja xx

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